Alimak Hek

Alimak Hek is a global leader in providing safe and reliable vertical access solutions for the construction industry. With over 70 years of experience, the brand offers a range of innovative construction hoists and platforms that ensure efficient transportation of personnel and materials, increasing productivity and safety at construction sites.

Product Applications

Alimak Hek’s construction hoists and platforms are ideal for a variety of applications in the construction industry, including high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, power plants, and industrial facilities. The products are designed to transport personnel and equipment to heights of up to several hundred meters, providing a safe and efficient solution for vertical access.

Product Types

Alimak Hek offers a range of construction hoists and platforms, including the Alimak Scando, Alimak TPL, and Alimak HEK MCM. These products are designed to meet the unique requirements of different construction sites, with options for high speed, heavy-duty, and special applications

Brand Solutions

Alimak Hek’s vertical access solutions are designed to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency at construction sites. With innovative technology and advanced safety features, the brand’s hoists and platforms ensure safe and reliable transportation of personnel and materials, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing productivity.

Brand and Product Benefits

Airman’s brand and products offer numerous benefits, including:

Improved safety

Alimak Hek’s products are designed to meet the highest safety standards, with features such as automatic brakes, overload protection, and emergency lowering systems.

Increased productivity

The brand’s hoists and platforms provide efficient vertical transportation of personnel and materials, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Reduced costs

By improving efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents, Alimak Hek’s products can help construction companies save on costs and improve profitability.

Versatile solutions

With a range of hoists and platforms designed for different applications, Alimak Hek offers versatile solutions that can meet the unique needs of construction sites.

Value Proposition

Alimak Hek’s value proposition is centered around providing safe and reliable vertical access solutions that help construction companies improve productivity, safety, and efficiency. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, the brand is committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards and exceed customer expectations. Alimak Hek’s hoists and platforms are trusted by construction companies around the world for their durability, performance, and safety features, making the brand a leader in the vertical access market.

Specialised Team

Leaders in equipment procurement, maintenance, and operational support