Our extensively expert team is the driving force behind our organization’s success. With a shared commitment to excellence and a wealth of experience, each member brings a unique set of skills to the table. Together, we strive for greatness, fueled by the collective expertise of our exceptional team.

Aarish Ahmed
Regional Sales Manager, Light Equipment

Ahmed Mohamed Madian
Country Manager, Deutz

Ameen Abou Shaqra
Regional Sales Manager

Arun Kumar Vasudevan
Service Supervisor, Pumps

Binoy Chandran Menon
Assistant Manager, Air-Conditioning Service

Chidananda Kendaiah
Manager, Pumps & Water Heaters

Erwin D. Bonagua
Engineering Manager, Fountain & Irrigation

Francis Xaviour
Manager, Fountain Technology

Ibad-Ul-Hasan Syed
Manager, Yanmar

Jassim Mohammed Jawad
Assistant Manager, Light Equipment

Magd Eldin Madani
Service In-Charge, Deutz

Maqdad Alsaffaf
Manager, Light Equipment

Mohamed Zuhair
Assitant Manager, Cleaning Solutions

Mushtaq Ahmed
Spare Parts Manager, Deutz

Neil Armstrong Velamarajan
Service Manager - Cleaning Solutions

Ravi Prakash Singh
Assistant Manager, Air-Conditioning Service