Xylem is a renowned global leader in water technology solutions, dedicated to assisting our esteemed customers in effectively addressing the most complex water-related issues encountered across utility, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors worldwide.

Product Applications

Xylem provide a variety of water & wastewater solutions ranging from hydronic HVAC and plumbing, sewage and wastewater treatment, firefighting & water supply solutions.

Product Types

Xylem’s Leading Brands: Lowara, Bell & Gossett, AC Fire Pump, and Flygt. With a legacy of excellence, these brands offer a wide range of innovative and reliable products for water and wastewater management. From efficient pumps and pumping systems to HVAC Pump Packages, fire protection systems, and submersible technology, Xylem deliver unmatched performance, energy efficiency, and durability.

Brand Solutions

Xylem water pumps, designed to provide reliable solutions for a wide range of applications. With unrivaled performance and durability, these pumps ensure efficient water transfer, circulation, and control. Benefit from their energy-efficient design, customizable solutions, and comprehensive global support network.

Brand and Product Benefits

Xylem’s innovative pump technology is Designed for cost efficiency, energy conservation, and sustainability, these pumps offer a long service life with low maintenance costs. With advanced features and superior performance, Xylem pumps optimize energy consumption, reduce operating expenses, and solving any challenges related to water.

Customer Type and Industry

Xylem pumps are used by a diverse range of customers, including commercial & residential buildings, industrial complexes & facilities, wastewater treatment plants, municipal sewage systems and more.

Value Proposition

Xylem offers a compelling value proposition centered around providing comprehensive water solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of their customers. With a wealth of industry expertise, Xylem understands the intricacies of water management and excels in developing customized solutions that deliver optimal performance.

Specialised Team

Arun Kumar Vasudevan
Service Supervisor, Pumps

Chidananda Kendaiah
Manager, Pumps & Water Heaters