Discover cutting-edge lifting stations and pumping stations designed to safeguard drainage points from water ingress. But what sets them apart from conventional backwater protection systems? Let’s delve into the realm of hydraulic efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Revolutionizing Backwater Protection

Lifting stations and pumping stations serve a pivotal role in efficiently managing wastewater below the backwater level. Unlike traditional backwater valves, these solutions employ sophisticated mechanisms to combat flooding effectively.

Lifting Stations: A marvel of engineering, lifting stations continuously propel wastewater through a backwater loop, thwarting any potential water infiltration. Versatile in installation, they seamlessly integrate into various architectural settings, ensuring uninterrupted drainage.

Hybrid Lifting Stations: Combining the prowess of backwater valves with the efficiency of pumps, hybrid lifting stations offer the best of both worlds. Operating primarily as backwater valves, they activate the pump only during backflow events, optimizing energy consumption.

Diverse Product Portfolio

At KESSEL, we redefine versatility with our diverse range of pumping solutions:

  • Lifting Stations: Channeling wastewater effortlessly into the sewer, lifting stations offer unparalleled efficiency.
  • Pumping Stations: Concealed underground, pumping stations tackle drainage challenges with ease.
  • Submersible Pumps: Whether for stationary or mobile applications, our submersible pumps excel in handling clear water, rainwater, and wastewater.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Understanding the nuances of wastewater is crucial in selecting the right solution. From grey water to sewage-laden streams, our products cater to diverse requirements, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Grey Water Solutions: Ideal for applications such as showers and washing machines, our lifting stations designed for grey water ensure seamless operation.
  • Sewage Disposal: Combatting black water challenges, our lifting stations comply with stringent standards, ensuring efficient disposal of sewage.

Precision Monitoring with Advanced Probes

Stay ahead of potential issues with our state-of-the-art probe technology. From pressure sensors to conductivity probes, each probe type is meticulously crafted to suit specific operational conditions, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Optimal Impeller Selection

Selecting the right impeller is paramount for optimal pump performance. Our range includes multi-vane impellers, cutting wheels, and channel impellers, each tailored to tackle specific wastewater compositions with utmost efficiency.

Efficient Operating Modes

Choose from a range of operating modes tailored to your unique needs. Whether continuous or intermittent operation, our pumps deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring seamless wastewater disposal.

Experience the KESSEL Advantage

Unveil the power of advanced drainage solutions with KESSEL. Our range of submersible pumps and lifting stations caters to diverse requirements, setting new benchmarks in hydraulic efficiency and reliability. Explore our product range today and elevate your drainage solutions to new heights.