More people are looking for some type of water entertainment for their yards or patios this year. And we don’t blame them! Who wouldn’t want the aesthetics and relaxation of running water in their landscape?
Hardscape fountains and spillways are becoming more prevalent due to the ease of installing them. You don’t even have to dig a hole. Fountains that have been built in the past years haven’t been installed with any form of filtration, but the times are changing. Keeping your fountain clean and clear is much easier to do with some added filtration.

Eliminating the hassle of keeping your fountains clean and clear
Throughout the years, I’ve heard and seen many different products used to help maintain fountains. We don’t recommend some of these cleaning methods for a variety of reasons. Putting products not designed for fountains into the water to clean or clear it up could have an impact on your liner, pump, lighting or could harm your pets or wildlife.

Fountains have traditionally been installed without filtration, thinking it should be easy to keep such a small body of water clean and clear. And if you do have to clean it out, it’s not that big of a deal. As we get more advanced in the types of fountains and hardscape water features, it becomes more important to look at filtration to protect your investment. By adding an OASE FiltoClear pressure filter to your fountain you are getting the best of both worlds.

FiltoClears are in-line pressure filters with mechanical and biological filtration and ultraviolet clarification (UVC). Available in three sizes (3000, 4000 and 8000), their high filtration capacity is perfect for Fountain, Formal Spillway, Pond-free and Water Garden applications.

FiltoClears are easy to install, not only on new installations but, to existing fountains as well. It hides well behind a hardscape water feature and its impact resistant body can also be buried up to the locking ring for optimal concealing. Leaving the locking ring accessible allows you to access the canister for cleaning.

What are the benefits of using the FiltoClear Pressure Filter on your fountain?
A FiltoClear will clean up any free-floating particles that can make your water cloudy or dirty. The built-in UVC helps combat green water.

If your pet drinks out of your fountain, you have nothing to worry about with the FiltoClear. Using unsafe chemicals that don’t mention being pet-safe in the water could be dangerous for any animals coming to your fountain for a drink. Because anywhere that there’s a water feature, you can be sure that wildlife will be attracted to it.

The FiltoClear is also part of the Clear Water Guarantee program when paired with the eligible OASE products. Using this type of filtration will keep your fountain or hardscape water feature looking great and will minimize time spent keeping it clean and more time enjoying it.