This article is dedicated to the anchor bolt selection guide. Anchor bolts are an essential fastener placed into a drilled hole and anchored by torque-controlled expansion, basically used to fasten two or more components together. There are various types of expansion anchor bolts and anchor bolt sizes designed for specific purposes. To select and choose the right anchor bolt and understand ’embedment depth of the expansion anchor bolts in the concrete,’ one must understand the application and the characteristics of the different variants available. Follow along with this blog for a complete anchor bolt selection guide.

fischer Steel Anchors
fischer provides mechanical anchoring solutions for heavy loads in concrete. Steel anchors or expansion anchor bolts from fischer are high-quality and offer ease of installation and load-bearing capacities. Anchoring in cracked and uncracked concrete, indoors and outdoors, in highly corrosive atmospheres, and with unique demands for fire and earthquake protection requires the use of high-quality products that have been specially checked and also approved for the applications at hand. The quality of the expansion bolts or anchoring solutions is critical as it determines the safety of the building.

fischer Hollow-ceiling anchor FHY
Hollow-ceiling anchor FHY
While selecting an anchor bolt, one must consider several conditions such as climate, depth, load weight, and others. The right anchor bolt will be rust-resistant and can bear heavy loads. Different job site applications aid for different sizes and shapes of bolts made of different materials or finish (Zinc plated, Stainless steel, Hot dipped galvanized, or highly Corrosion-resistant steel). For the different building design and structure requirements, fischer provides a diverse range of steel anchors or anchor bolt selection guide with other functional principles for various applications. Our anchor bolt selection guide displays 22 products and 158 variants of types of anchor bolt and anchor bolt sizes. Embedment depth of anchor bolts in concrete depends on the requirement of the project or job site application. Flexibility, cost-efficiency, high-performance, versatility, and other characteristics make fischer one of the most preferable and trusted brands in the field. Cracked concrete Bolt anchor FAZ II and Bolt anchor FBZ, Non-cracked Bolt anchor FBN II and Bolt anchor FXA, and others are a few of the products available fischer. Visit our website to get a full view of the anchor bolt selection guide and understand the properties of each product and their variants in embedment depth. fischer has highly engineered and optimum productivity products that are designed for construction purposes at a very competitive price.