Apartments and modern high-rise buildings are typical in metropolitan cities. Such buildings tend to have a compact, false ceiling with less space and low height. Vertically mounted geysers need more space. Hence, a horizontal water heater that resolves the issue of space constraint and complements the aesthetics of your bathroom is a perfect fit.
You can select from among a wide range of horizontal geysers – there are water heaters ranging from capacities of 15L to 100L. In addition, you can opt for an ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) water heater that is ideal for quick water heating. Alternatively, horizontal water heaters with a metal body are also available.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Horizontal Water Heater
There are different factors to consider before choosing an ideal horizontal geyser. Let us look at some of them:

One can install horizontal geysers in case of a false or lower bathroom ceiling. These are compact and are available in heights starting from 12.6 inches to fit in limited space. They are also designed to be slimmer so that they do not render a bulky and crude appearance to your bathroom wall.

A capacity of 15 liters in the horizontal geyser is adequate for the use of a medium-sized family.

Installation Configuration:
Depending on which side of the bathroom you want to install the horizontal geyser, you can opt for a Right-Hand Side (RHS) or Left-Hand Side (LHS) water heater, which enables you to utilize the space available to you.

With Glass Lined technology, a horizontal water heater can survive the harshest hard-water conditions. It ensures that the tank is durable & corrosion-resistant.

Heating Element:
The heating element should fit the shape of the tank to ensure uniform heating & continuous flow of hot water. Glass coated heating element improves the performance and elongates the life of a horizontal geyser.

BEE Star Rating:
This means that the geyser consumes less electricity which can be highly energy efficient.

Pressure Rating:
A good pressure rating of the geyser is crucial for high-rise apartment buildings. One must consider storage geysers with a pressure rating of 8 bar.

When it comes to bathroom décor, like your bathroom fitting, it is also essential to have a sleek and elegant water heater. Horizontal water heaters, being compact in design, ensure that your bathroom aesthetics can be enhanced!

The best horizontal water heaters consist of non-corrosive materials and fast-heating elements. With a seven-year warranty, A. O. Smith horizontal water heaters have all the above features and a sleek gleaming design to light up your bathroom decor.