The use of steam cleaning machines can be a great way to keep many areas around the house clean and tidy.

Here are the easy steps on how to set up and operate your steam cleaner:

1) When Attach the Accessories
Connect the required accessories to the steam gun. Insert the open end of the accessory on the steam gun and push it onto the steam gun until the unlocking button of the steam gun locks into place.

The accessories included are: steam gun, detail nozzle, round brush, hand nozzle & floor nozzle.

2) Filling up with Water
• Remove the safety cap from the device.

• Make sure the steam boiler is is completely empty by removing any existing water.

• Fill in the boiler with with 1 litre of tap water at maximum then screw back the safety cap onto the device.

Note: to cut down the water heating time, you can fill the boiler with warm water.

DO NOT fill the boiler with detergents or additives as this would cause overall system damage.

3) When Turning the Machine On
When turning on the machine, make sure it is placed on a stable surface/floor. Then plug in the the socket to a power outlet. The indicator lamps on the machine will light up – which indicates that they are working.

Note: Make sure to ONLY switch on the machine with water available in the boiler as this would cause overheating.

The steam cleaner is ready to use after the orange color lamp turns off. This usually takes approximately 8 minutes.

4) Adjusting the Steam Intensity
The steam switch allows you to adjust the amount of steam you need when cleaning.

5) Refilling with Water
You will know when to refill the boiler with more water based on the steam volume coming out.

If you notice that the steam is low or no more, it is time to add in more water.

When doing so, disconnect the main plug, push out all the remaining steam from the gun, then remove the safety cap from the device to avoid any steam burning.

Now with these simple steps, you can use your steam cleaner with ease and as smooth as the first time.