Reflecting on Al Liwan Splash Deck Fountain, A Harmony of Luxury and Innovation


Let’s take a nostalgic stroll back to the Al Liwan Splash Deck Fountain, nestled in the vibrant heart of Hamala, Kingdom of Bahrain. This innovative project, brought to life by the talented team at M H Al Mahroos, aimed to redefine traditional fountain design, blending luxury seamlessly with harmony across retail, commercial, and residential spaces. In its debut year, this fountain sensation not only wowed audiences but also clinched two prestigious international awards, setting a new standard in architectural innovation.


Unique Features:

At the core of the Al Liwan Splash Deck Fountain lies its standout feature: a floodable floor, turning the concept of a conventional fountain on its head. This ingenious design not only mesmerizes onlookers but also invites them to immerse themselves in its splendor, creating unforgettable moments of connection with the space.


Creating Tranquility and Excitement:

From the outset, the aim was clear: to infuse the space with luxury and harmony, while maintaining a peaceful ambiance. Through careful planning and cutting-edge design, the Al Liwan Splash Deck Fountain achieved this delicate balance effortlessly, offering visitors a serene escape while tantalizing their senses with thrilling features that left a lasting impression.


As we fondly reminisce about the Al Liwan Splash Deck Fountain, its legacy as a beacon of luxury, harmony, and innovation remains unmatched. With its accolades and groundbreaking features, this visionary project continues to leave a lasting impression, reminding us of the power of creativity and collaboration in shaping the architectural landscape.