Project Overview: AlMahroos, a leading expert in fountain design and construction, was tasked with creating a remarkable Musical Dancing Fountain with a Fog Mist System Water Feature for the Jeddah Fish Fountain. Situated at the picturesque south Obhur corniche park, this fountain aimed to enhance the ambiance and allure of the area while providing visitors with a captivating visual experience.


  • Incorporating a fog mist system into the fountain design to create a dynamic backdrop.
  • Ensuring seamless integration of 116 dancing jets and RGB DMX controlled lights.
  • Balancing artistry with engineering to achieve the desired wave-like effect beneath the fish statue.

Solution: AlMahroos approached the project with a blend of creativity and technical expertise. The team meticulously designed and constructed the fountain to incorporate the fog mist system, strategically placing fog nozzles around the perimeter to create a dynamic backdrop. Each of the 116 dancing jets was carefully synchronized with RGB DMX controlled lights, enhancing the visual appeal of the fountain.


  • Detailed planning and conceptualization phase to align with the client’s vision.
  • Precision engineering and construction to ensure seamless integration of components.
  • Rigorous testing and optimization to fine-tune the fountain’s performance and visual effects.

Results: The Jeddah Fish Fountain now stands as a mesmerizing centerpiece at the south Obhur corniche park, captivating visitors with its dynamic display of water, light, and mist. The wave-like effect beneath the fish statue creates a sense of movement and fluidity, while the fog mist system adds an extra layer of allure to the spectacle. AlMahroos’ expertise in fountain design and construction has delivered an exceptional creation that seamlessly blends artistry with engineering prowess.

Conclusion: AlMahroos is proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing the Jeddah Fish Fountain to life. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and visually stunning fountain solutions that enhance public spaces and create memorable experiences for visitors. As we continue to push the boundaries of fountain design and construction, we look forward to embarking on new projects that inspire awe and admiration.