New Access Manager retrofits to Genie® Lift Connect™ telematics solutions
REDMOND, WA (March 3, 2021) – Rental companies will now have the option to remotely manage
access to their fleet — improving the security of their equipment on the jobsite — by utilizing Access
Manager™, a new add-on feature that works with Genie® Lift Connect™ telematics. Now, any unit
equipped with Lift Connect can be retrofitted to include Access Manager, allowing rental companies to
expand the benefits of their Lift Connect system.
“When a unit is equipped with Access Manager, an operator must enter a code before they can start that
unit, ensuring that only authorized operators can operate the machine. Not only does this provide greater
security for equipment, it also can help ensure only trained operators have codes,” says Christine
Zeznick, Genie Director of Product and Business Development, Telematics, Terex AWP.
Access Manager works by assigning a unique code — which can be randomly generated or personally
selected, much like an ATM pin code — to an individual operator through the Lift Connect portal. That
operator then can be assigned to specific equipment. The unit then can be started only when an operator
enters an authorized code on the Access Manager keypad, or when they use an authorized Access
Manager RFID card, which can be purchased separately. Because Access Manager is designed for
jobsite use, the keypad has been intentionally designed with durable, highly tactile buttons that are easily
pushed even if the user is wearing work gloves.
Concurrent with the launch of Access Manager, any machine that currently has an active Lift Connect
subscription and a CAN control system will have the ability to use the new Remote Disable functionality.
Remote disable, which is separate from Access Manager, will allow the equipment owner to remotely
disable or enable operation of their equipment through the Lift Connect portal, providing equipment
owners additional opportunities to remotely manage and secure their fleets.

Genie lift helps dairy productivity

Hastings Motor Corporation has provided a 9.9m scissor lift to a dairy production company in the Philippines, which had previously been using a forklift with a basket to elevate workers.

The equipment rental specialist delivered a Genie GS-2646 lift model to the dairy products supplier, which needed to carry out an inventory of the 6,000 stock shelves at its warehouse facility.

The new scissor lift enabled the company’s staff to access and scan the products’ inventory barcodes at a height of over 6m. According to Hastings Motor Corp, using the equipment allowed what had previously been a three-day long job to be completed in less than one day.

“Before switching to a Genie scissor lift, a basket attached to the form of a forklift was used to raise workers above the ground to scan the inventory” said Allan Ray, the Sales Engineer of Hastings Motor.

“The Genie GS-2646 lift was suggested as a perfect alternative solution. It has not only improved safety, but productivity and efficiency as well.”

Offering zero emissions and a maximum capacity of 454kg, the Genie GS-2646 scissor is an electric powered machine that is suitable for indoor operation.

It has maximum working height of 9.9m (32ft) and, measuring just 1.17m (3ft 10in) wide, can be used in narrow spaces.

The model also has zero inside turning radius for easy turning and offers 25% gradeability with a 14-degree breakover angle, which allows it to get up slopes and loading ramps.

Hastings Motor Corp, which also trained the dairy company’s staff how to use the scissor lift safely, said that as a result of the productivity gains the company achieved, it is now using scissor lifts for maintenance tasks as well.

Genie GS-2646 Electric Scissor lift
Scissor lifts are now also being used for maintenance activities such as cleaning, bird control, painting and repairs.
Ray said, “Now, the customer often rents five Genie machines, GS-3246 and GS-2646 scissor lifts, not only for inventory activities, but also for regular repair and maintenance work.”

“There are lots of activities in warehousing, and Genie machines help to speed up the product in/out cycle. The production line is running at full capacity now and any breakdowns have a speedy fix with a Genie scissor lift.”

Electronic safety system designed to alert operators and ground personnel of potential hazards
Elevating work platform specialist, Genie, has taken the cover off its Lift Guard Contact Alarm prototype for its GS range of slab scissor lifts and GR, GRC and QS series vertical masts at the HIRE18 show in Brisbane in May.

The prototype has also been shown to customers in the UK and North America. It is similar to Genie’s alarm system now available on its range of boom lifts, but specifically designed for use on scissor lifts and vertical masts.

The Lift Guard Contact Alarm is an electronic secondary guarding solution designed to activate when an obstruction contacts activation whiskers mounted to the lift’s platform guardrails – one at the front and one at the rear- alerting operators, occupants and ground personnel to a potential hazard.

“Operator safety and productivity are key considerations in the Genie design process,” said Genie National Product Support Manager, Tim Merritt.

“The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system for slab scissors and vertical mast lifts is designed to supplement a trained operator’s situational awareness and provide a secondary layer of guarding while working at height.

“Showing this prototype during HIRE18 gives us the opportunity to engage with Genie customers and end users, gaining feedback from them so we can tailor our future protective solution offerings to best meet their needs and expectations.”

How it works
The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system for slab scissors and vertical mast lifts is designed to activate when an activation whisker is deflected by an obstruction, triggering the limit switch in the base of the assembly.

When the system is activated, all machine motion will stop, an alarm will sound, and beacons will flash.

The operator will be able to continue driving or elevating the platform into the desired working position after acknowledging the activation system and machine stopped condition.

According to Merritt, a free-movement zone will exist between the activation whisker and guardrail, to allow mobility for operators and occupants after the system is activated.

The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system for slab scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts will go into production in late 2018.

A retrofit kit will be available at time of production to allow for compatibility with Genie Smart Link system-enabled scissor lifts and vertical masts produced from 2011-2018.