Pumps are the heart of all things water features: pond, pond-free, hardscape and fountain features. Without them we have no moving water to circulate, filter or entertain us.

They are the number one thing we all use and the number one thing that is misused and misunderstood. And by that, I mean all pumps are not created equal.

You have a simple magnet driven pump commonly used in small water features or hardscapes. Easy to use, very energy efficient, easy to clean and easy to fix broken parts. The flow rates are typically lower so you cannot create a large water fall with them.

Next in the line of pumps are Asynchronous and Synchronous electric. Similar in that they have a stainless-steel rotor assembly and have a vortex impeller to allow for higher water flow volume. Still lower energy consumption, easy to clean and easy to repair. The synchronous electric pump will shut down if it runs dry or something is blocking the flow and some are frost protected to -4 degrees. These pumps have a wide flow range and can be used in a wide variety of pond, pond-free, and hardscape features on a regular basis.

The direct drive pumps are one of the hardest to size and service. This type of pump has many uses from high to low flow needs. It is commonly misused because of the flow requirements. These pumps operate in a very tight window of best operating ranges. A lot of care is needed in choosing these types of pumps so they can remain in operation for many years.

For more in-depth information on our pumps please go to www.atlantic-oase.com or seek help from an industry professional.

What’s coming in the next generation of pumps and what is already here will blow your mind, if not make you think twice about your pump choices.

Look towards the day all water garden pumps are DC brushless motor pumps. Your drills, drivers, blowers and mowers are seeing the light of brushless motors, including the vacuum world. More power, less energy and whole lot more ingenuity. Look now and towards the future as pumps in the water feature world change too.