If you’re looking to buy a generator for residential or other private use, then look no further than inverter generators. An inverter system stabilises the amount of voltage and frequency produced by a petrol driven alternator through the supply of sine wave electricity.

When most people think of generators, they are likely thinking of large, loud, and clunky machines that provide energy to industrial sites and businesses, and rarely for homes. Inverter generators new line of generators is more compact and quieter than their older counterparts. An inverter generator is a closed frame appliance, reducing its noise level. They are no bigger than a microwave and tend to weigh less than 100 kilograms. They come in different powers, from being able to power a couple thousand watts worth of appliances to triple that. So if you’re looking for an alternative power supply to the mains, or a backup in case your power goes out, look into inverter generators for sale in your area.

What are their advantages?
These aren’t the only perks to inverter generators. Thanks to technological advances, an inverter generator can cater to smaller usage, making them economically efficient and the ideal generator for home or occasional use. They are also ideal if your family likes the outdoors, and goes camping or boating. Say that for one moment in time you’re running a floor lamp that takes a 40W light bulb and a hair dryer that only takes 15W: that means you’re running a total 55W in your household. While an older generator that has a maximum wattage output of 2600W would run all 2600W to power the 55W of appliances and consume the same amount of fuel as it would if you had 2600W of appliances turned on, an inverter generator will only use the appropriate amount of gas or petrol to power the 55W. 55W vs. 2600W of petrol consumed… you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand how much money you can save with buying an inverter generator! Not to mention you’re helping the environment and the atmosphere by consuming that much less fuel.

What if I need more power?
If you need more wattage than the inverter generators for sale will supply, you can purchase two inverter generators, daisy chain them, and run them parallel to one another. Be sure to consult with your inverter generator dealer beforehand to make sure the models you’re buying can be hooked up to one another, and what kind of wiring is needed. Only selected models will allow this feature.

Look up which inverter generators for sale are available in your area. If you are buying a used inverter generator, be sure to ask for warranties and inspect the condition of the generator thoroughly. New inverter generators almost always come with warranties.

How to stay calm in an energy crisis

Australia is facing an energy crisis, and it’s going to get worse for a long time before it gets better
Blackouts happen from time to time, so are we really facing a crisis?
Australia, especially in eastern states and SA, is going to be facing increasingly frequent and severe blackouts. According to experts, policy makers and the Australian Energy Market Operator, we are in or rapidly approaching an energy crisis. Shortages are expected in coming summers, with problems being forecast to get worse for the next 10-20 years at least. Energy production is decreasing as older coal and gas plants are being closed without being replaced. Domestic gas supplies are also unstable, with shortages expected. “Renewable” energy production is not able to solve these problems for a variety of reasons. Solutions to the issue are not likely due to a volatile political climate and a difficult set of market circumstances that make meaningful investment in Australian energy production unattractive.

Groups such as the AEMO have suggested that electricity could have to be rationed in the summer months or face widespread and long lasting blackouts. So we certainly are facing an energy crisis, and it is likely to go beyond just increasing prices to less reliable access to energy at all.

How is this likely to affect your average household?
The warnings that are being issued are for an increase in the frequency and severity of blackouts. In South Australia in the summer of 2016/17 there were instances when close to the entire state lost power for hours. On more than one occasion there were tens of thousands of homes that were without power for up to 72 hours. This can wreak havoc on normal life and can prevent necessary functions like cooking, lighting and heating or cooling. These problems can be exacerbated by natural disasters or conditions that contribute to power outages. Not only are residential premises affected, but businesses too. The total cost of the South Australia September 2016 is estimated at around $367 million, including production stoppages and stock losses. In extended blackouts it could affect the ability of households not just to store and use goods such as food, but even the ability to get easy access to it if business aren’t able to trade normally.

What can be done to protect ourselves in this crisis?
The South Australian Government is spending hundreds of millions on generators and batteries in an attempt to lessen the effects of the growing crisis. Fortunately there are affordable and effective solutions for households and businesses. A backup generator is the most cost effective and reliable way to have peace of mind that you will have access to power during blackouts. There is a wide range of generators available to suit just about any need or budget. Solar panels and batteries have attractive points but are both more expensive and less reliable than diesel or petrol generators. If you want to safeguard your access to power then it is a good idea to evaluate to which option will provide the reliability and efficiency you require.

So you can protect your household’s access to power and have peace of mind in uncertain times and be calm in a crisis. Check out out range of portable backup generators to keep your property running in times of crisis.

Yamaha Generators to Run Popular RV Air Conditioners
By Yamaha Generators | May 8, 2019
When you’re camped out in the midst of summer, the temperature inside your caravan can get pretty high.

Your caravan will act like an oven, and on really hot days turning on the fan will only result in hot air being blown.

While air conditioners used to be impractical for mobile homes due to their price, size and power requirements, now there are more choices then ever for AC units that are fairly cheap, compact and efficient. Generator manufacturers are also aligning their product range (such as our caravan range) to match the needs of caravanners.

Here is a summarised list of Yamaha generators to power air conditioners in RVs and caravans, courtesy of MyGenerator based on the air conditioning products that they carry.