The Dilmunia Grand Canal and Marina project, completed in January 2021, stands as a testament to luxurious living and awe-inspiring attractions. M H Al Mahroos, a renowned provider of mechanical solutions, played a crucial role in realizing this vision. Their expertise included the installation of Lowara water pumps and the design and development of the star attraction the dimunia fountain, elevating the project into a mesmerizing destination for residents and tourists alike.


The Dilmunia Grand Canal and Marina project faced the challenge of sourcing mechanical solutions that would meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and aesthetics. Traditional systems proved to be cost-prohibitive and lacked the desired appeal. Additionally, the project required a captivating water fountain that would complement the luxurious environment and serve as a focal point of beauty and functionality.


To overcome these challenges, M H Al Mahroos was selected as the preferred supplier, offering innovative solutions tailored to the project’s unique requirements. They installed Lowara water pumps, providing a reliable and energy-efficient water supply throughout the development. These advanced pumps ensured uninterrupted water flow to meet operational needs while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Furthermore, M H Al Mahroos designed and develop the water fountain, carefully crafting its intricate design to seamlessly integrate with the project’s aesthetic. This majestic fountain not only enhanced the allure of the development but also contributed to maintaining a continuous water supply. M H Al Mahroos’ attention to detail and expertise in fountain design transformed the project into a captivating masterpiece.


The successful completion of The Dilmunia Grand Canal and Marina project highlights the integration of advanced mechanical solutions to create a luxurious living space and an enchanting tourist attraction. M H Al Mahroos’ involvement in installing Lowara water pumps and designing the grand water fountain exemplifies their commitment to excellence and innovation.

By implementing solutions that optimize efficiency and aesthetics, M H Al Mahroos ensured a seamless balance between functionality and visual appeal. The project now stands as a testament to the power of sustainable mechanical solutions in creating extraordinary experiences for residents and captivating tourists from around the world.