The Harbour Row Bahrain project is a luxury waterfront development that began construction in May 2017 and was completed in February 2021. This prestigious project aimed to offer upscale residential spaces in the Bahrain Bay area.


The Harbour Row Bahrain project encountered a challenge in sourcing suitable mechanical solutions including water pumping systems as well as building anchors. The project necessitated high-quality and dependable systems capable of meeting the demands of its luxury residential units. Recognizing that such mechanical solutions often incurred high costs and inefficiencies, the project team sought a more dependable and economical approach to fulfill their requirements.


To address this challenge, the project selected M H Al Mahroos as their solutions provider for The Harbour Row Bahrain project. Collaborating closely with the project team, M H Al Mahroos designed and installed an array of solutions, which included Lowara water pumps and Fischer building anchors.
The Lowara water pumps supplied by M H Al Mahroos were specifically engineered to be cost-effective and reliable, leveraging advanced technology to optimize energy consumption and ensure a continuous water supply to the development. The Fischer building anchors provided innovative anchoring solutions, guaranteeing the structural integrity and safety of the buildings.


Thanks to M H Al Mahroos’ mechanical solutions, The Harbour Row Bahrain project successfully delivered high-end living spaces to its residents while simultaneously reducing energy costs and enhancing sustainability. By employing cutting-edge technology to optimize energy consumption and offering innovative anchoring solutions, M H Al Mahroos provided a comprehensive range of solutions that not only met the project’s requirements but also improved its environmental impact.